Efforts for COVID-19 and promise of Safe, Relief and Cleanliness

Our safety commitment to Customers


 To use our services safely and comfortably for all【Preparations】

◇ We are frequently sanitizing our facilities such as tables, chairs, doorknobs and other stuffs in our shop.

◇ We are frequently ventilating a room.

◇ Sanitizer spray, sanitizer wipes, and sanitizer alcohol are provided in our shop and vehicles.

◇ Staffs thoroughly do health condition management. 

◇ Staffs self-report their own physical condition and check the temperature every day when they go to work. 

◇ Staffs do thoroughly hygiene management with washing hands, gargling and using sanitizer.  

◇ Staffs are wearing general masks whenever possible for customers in order to feel safe and comfortable.

※We’re sorry for bothering you if you feel hard to see a face or to listen because of general mask wearing. Please understand and thank you for your cooperation.  


◇ We are sanitizing rental gears before use; especially dive masks, snorkels, regulators and BCDs are carefully sanitized both before and after use. 

※ We are making efforts in order to reduce infection risk as much as possible. However we recommend purchasing your own gears; especially a dive mask, a snorkel, a mouthpiece, if you feel strongly anxious for infection. 


◇ Every day we are cleaning and sanitizing our vehicles, which we use for picking up at hotel/ moving to the dive sites and ports. However we will open car windows for ventilating and set the air-conditioning system to take outside air while using. And also we will ask all guests to use general masks.

◇ You are able to come by yourself and meet up at the there (port/beach…) if you would like to reduce the infection risk as mush as possible.

◇ We limit the number of tour/courses participants for the time being.


To use our services safely and comfortably for all【Request in advance】

Please understand and cooperate on this matter below, for all customers’ health condition and to enjoy our activities safely with minimal risk of infection.

◇ Please refrain from participating in tours when you feel unwell in any way. 

◇ Please check your temperature everyday, and inform us by the meeting time if you feel unwell.

◇ On the tour day, we will ask your health condition and please write the questionnaire about your recent travel history/contacts with infected people etc.…

 We do not charge cancellation fee if you cancel because you are not feeling well.



◇ If any of the following conditions below apply, please refrain from coming to the shop.

 Do you have symptoms of cold (cough, sneeze)?

 Do you have a fever over 37.5℃?

 Do you have strong dullness, malaise, or breathlessness?

 Do you have a cough, sputum, or chest discomfort?

 Within last 14 days, do you have a history of travel to countries/areas, which the government has restricted to immigrate in, or which the government has announced an observation period needed?

Or do you have a history of contacting with the people like above?

 Within last 14 days, do you have a history of boarding on sightseeing cruise ship, which infection cases were reported from?  Or do you have a history of travel to the other administration-designated area?

 Do you have a family living together or a close acquaintance, which are suspected of infection?

 Do you have symptoms of the new coronavirus infection? (A close contact)

 Within last 1 week approximately, have you caught a flu or norovirus?



● To use our services safely and comfortably for all【Request during participating】

◇ Please wear a general mask whenever possible. (In a vehicle, on a boat, during break etc.)

◇ Please wash your hands frequently.

◇ Please feel free to use sanitizer wipes/disinfectant provided in a shop or a vehicle. 

※ General Airline’s restrictions for checked in and cabin baggage. (Please make sure to your airline company)

◇ Please try not to touch shared stuffs. (Please bring your own, such as pens etc.…)

◇ Please bring your own towels.


◇ A plastic bottle of water will be supplied, however please bring your own bottle or drinks, too.

◇ If you cough, please practice good cough etiquette. 

◇ Please do not hesitate to tell to the staffs if you are feeling unwell during tours.

◇ Please do not touch the other diver’s gears and stuffs; especially masks, snorkels, regulators, towels and the other things which touch faces or mouths.

◇ Please do not touch rental gears except the gears, which you use.

◇ Please sanitize them before use if the others have touched. 

◇ When you anti-fog your dive mask, please do not spit on it. Please use a commercially sold anti-fogger or the one shop provided. 

◇ When we do briefing, we do outside keeping our distance as much as possible.

Please understand we will do logging in a minimum time in order to avoid the “3Cs”. We are also being able to sign on your log and send diving data by e-mail if you prefer.


 3Cs = Closed spaces with poor ventilation

 Crowded places with many people near by

 Close contact setting as close-range conversations



◇ During your trip, please avoid the places with many people nearby when you use an accommodation and go for a meal and so on. Keep 3Cs !


◇ Please inform us immediately when “when you feel unwell within 3 days” and “you find out you get infected within 2 weeks after you use our services”.



We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. We sincerely make efforts for your safe, comfortable and fun tours and services.


Best Regards,

Honu Honu Divers