Medical Statement

Diving can be strenuous under certain conditions. Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. All body air spaces must be normal and healthy. A person with coronary disease, a current cold or congestion, epilepsy, a severe medical problem or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not dive. If you have asthma, heart disease, other chronic medical conditions or you are taking medications on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor and the instructor before participating in this program, and on a regular basis thereafter upon completion. You will also learn from the instructor the important safety rules regarding breathing and equalization while scuba diving. Improper use of scuba equipment can result in serious injury. You must be thoroughly instructed in its use under direct supervision of a qualified instructor to use it safely.

Please refrain from dive tour who have a "Positive judgment" of COVID-19 infection. Because it has not been medically elucidated yet.

Participation requirement (This is Honuhonu's rule based on reports from DAN and PADI.)


@All persons over the age of 50,

@Those under 50 age, but with heart problem, high blood pressure, respiratory or otolaryngology problems or diabetes,

@Those who test "positive" for COVID-19, whether asymptomatic or symptomatic.


People corresponding to the above should be examined by a doctor before diving / snorkeling.



 ++ Be in a good health ++

 *The following questions on right side "Medical Statement", your past or present medical history with all questions your answer "NO"

*If you are not sure, answer "YES". If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you consult with a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.