Appeals of Okinawa Sea

Okinawa comprises 160 islands, only 49 of which are inhabited. It sits between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, in the path of the Kuroshio, the world’s largest warm current. Well connected by air and sea, the various islands are also easily accessible.

Okinawa is endowed with a vibrant natural environment fostered by the warm, subtropical climate. With its own unique history and culture, many visitors come to enjoy East Asia’s biggest resort island. One of the greatest attractions of Okinawa is the sea!

Among professional divers, it’s known as one location that everybody wants to visit, and there are many unique dive points dotted around the islands.

@The Blue Cave, which even beginners can enjoy, is very popular.

@The Kerama Shoto National Park boasts outstanding clarity, with visibility up to 40 or 50m.

In the Ishigaki Island, known as one of the best places in the world for manta rays,there is a mysterious giant stone structure at Yonaguni Island. In an endlessly transparent sea, coral reefs shimmer in the sunlight and shoals of subtropical fish play.

Elegant manta rays appear before your eyes, large migratory fish visit, and you may be lucky enough to encounter hammerheads and even whale sharks.

@All persons over the age of 50, Please read  "Medical check"  page first.

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Fun dive for The Diver

Intro/Snorkel for non-diver


@Bottle of Water


Please bring your own towel for hygiene reasons


 Japan has paper craft culture, we called "ORIGAMI". That's small gift for Ladies participant and kids from us. 

1: KERAMA N/P area

2: Off the coats of NAHA

3: Chatan area (beach)

4: Cape MAEDA (Blue Cave)
5: MANZA area

6: MOTOBU (North)

7: Ie island (North)

8: KANUCHA (North)

9: East coast area

 "KERAMA NP" area

For: beginner to advanced-level

20-30 dive sites (Coral, Sandy)

 "Off the coast of NAHA" area

For: beginner -level

5 dive sites (Coral, Sandy)

"Blue cave" area

For: beginner to advanced-level

4 dive sites (Cave, Coral, Sandy)

 "MANZA" area

For: advanced-level

10-15 dive sites (Drop off, Coral, Sandy)

 "MOTOBU" area

For: beginner to advanced-level

5-10 dive sites (Coral, Sandy, Cave)