Appeals of Okinawa Sea

Okinawa comprises 160 islands, only 49 of which are inhabited. Well connected by air and sea, the various islands are also easily accessible.

With its own unique history and culture, many visitors come to enjoy East Asia’s biggest resort island. One of the greatest attractions of Okinawa is the sea!

There are many unique dive points dotted around the islands.

@The Blue Cave, which even beginners can enjoy, is very popular.

@The Kerama National Park boasts outstanding clarity, with visibility up to 30m.


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Fun dive for the Divers

Intro/Snorkel for non-divers

Dive area

Honu Honu does not have own boat. We dive in the most suitable location considering the weather and ocean  conditions on the day of the tour.

1: KERAMA N/P area

2: Off the coats of NAHA

3: CHATAN area (beach)

4: Cape MAEDA (Blue Cave)
5: MANZA area

6: MOTOBU (North)

7: Ie island (North)

8: KANUCHA (North)

9: East coast area

 ●"Off the coast of NAHA" area

For: Beginner-Intermediate, 5-7 dive sites (Coral, Sandy)

 ●"KERAMA NP" area

For: Beginner-Advanced, 20-30 dive sites (Coral, Sandy)

"Blue cave" area

For: Beginner-Intermediate-level, 4 dive sites (Cave, Coral, Sandy)

 ●"MANZA" area

For: Advanced-level, 10-15 dive sites (Drop off, Coral, Sandy)

"MOTOBU" area

For: Beginner to Advanced-level, 5-10 dive sites (Coral, Sandy, Cave)