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Advanced Open Water (AOW) Course

As a certified scuba diver you’ve already experienced the thrill of exploring parts of the underwater world, but know there’s more to discover. Whether you’re looking for new dive adventures, to improve your scuba skills, or both at once, taking another PADI dive course will help you gain more confidence and meet more dive buddies. In the "PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course", there’s a long list of scuba specialty dives to try. Deep dive, boat diving, Navigation, and more. You do 5 different dives all under the expert guidance of your PADI Instructor. No formal classroom session, just a lot of diving. You can start learning online with PADI eLearning® and even get credit for your dives toward the related PADI Specialty Diver course. 

We deeply recommend select 5 adventure dives

@Deep diver (Required)

@Under water Navigation (Required)

@Peak Performance Buoyancy

@Boat diver

@Underwater Naturalist

These are very beneficial select of adventure dive and my recommendation.

One instructor is assigned to each group. The maximum number of divers in a group is two. This ensures that each diver will receive maximum security and be able to enjoy the underwater experience fully.

We divers can play a major role in keeping the ocean clean and healthy.
Can be incorporated as one of the AOW courses. 
Please contact us for more details.

Course Course fee
cluding tax)
PADI Advanced Open water 2 days 5 shore dives basic training  43000/JPY
Gear rental 7000
3 shore dives and 2 boat dives(optional selection) +7700/JPY add
2 shore dives and 3 boat dives(optional selection) +8800/JPY add
5 boat dives(optional selection) +15000/JPY add
e-learning fee (Online settlement)  include application fee 2024 (US$213) 30500/JPY

For example case:

AOW basic Course fee 43000/JPY

Gear rental 7000 JPY

(Select): 3 shore dives and 2 boat dives +7700/JPY

Total = 57700 /JPY (will be paying at Honu Honu)


e-Learning fee $213 (30500 yen),  (online settlement) include application fee

Truly useful is "e-Learning"

Please come to study on your own PC(e-Learning) at your home, office and anywhere PC with inter net connections. Smartphone and Tablets is NOT available.

Sign up to "e-Learning" system from the site of one specification, please come to study in the home PC to logon later.Off cause you can contact us anytime if you have any questions. Knowledge development is the end of that. Please come to Okinawa after finished the e-learning.We are a certified diver you have completed all the water training. 

"Touch" online system is only Open Water Course available. 


※ Notes

Please log in e-Learning from "below banner link ".

Apply and Login page here "Honu Honu Divers 33244" 

Please proceed to verify that e-learning in the lower left of the screen is referred to as the "Honu Honu Divers 33244". 

Participation requirement (This is Honuhonu's guidline  based on reports from DAN and PADI.)

@All persons over the age of 50,


@Those under 50 age, but with heart problem, high blood pressure, respiratory or otolaryngology problems or diabetes,

People corresponding to the above should be examined by a doctor before diving / snorkeling.

Resucue Diver (RED) Course

Why? Because you learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, and become more confident in your skills as a diver, knowing that you can help others if needed. During the course, you learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem solving skills until they become second nature. Plus, the course is just fun – it’s serious, but still allows for lots of laughter in between the focused learning.

The PADI Rescue Diver course prepares you to deal with dive emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques. 

 @Self rescue

@Recognizing and managing stress in other divers

@Emergency management and equipment

@Rescuing panicked divers

@Rescuing unresponsive divers


Course fee

(including tax)

PADI Rescue Diver Course 2 days 4 shore dives basic training 48500/JPY
Gear rental  7000 JPY
2 shore dives and 2 boat dives(optional selection) +7700/JPY add
e-learning fee (Online settlement)  2024 (US$225)


Emergency First Response (EFR)

Emergency First Response training focuses on building confidence in lay rescuers and increasing their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Course participants learn simple to follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a non-stressful learning environment. All courses are supported by self-study manuals, videos and quick reference cards to enhance learning and allow you start learning right away.



@Primary Care (CPR)This course teaches you the steps and techniques for handling life-threatening emergencies. You’ll practice eight skills for aiding patients who aren’t breathing, have no heartbeat, may have a spinal injury, may be in shock or who may have serious bleeding. You’ll learn to how to perform CPR and continue to monitor the patient, so that you provide every possible chance of survival while waiting for emergency medical services to arrive.


@Secondary Care (First Aid)Because many medical conditions are not life-threatening and emergency medical services are sometimes delayed or unavailable, this course teaches you how to provide first aid that eases pain and reduces the risk of further harm. You’ll learn to assess a variety of injuries and illnesses and practice bandaging and splinting.


@E-learning is now available for EFR. Now Convenient! (2 hours of on-site training time)

EFR courses meet the CPR and first aid training requirements for the PADI Rescue Diver course

Course  Course fee
(including tax)
EFR Course (Primary and Secondary) 15000/JPY
e-Learning fee (online settlement)  2024 (US$125) 18000/JPY

You can also take the course with a paper manual. (half day on site taring time)

PADI Specialty course

@Non dive course

AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation

Project AWARE Specialist

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Enriched Air Diver

Equipment Specialist

@ Dive Course

Dive Against Debris

Fish Identification

 Boat Diver

 Deep Diver

 Digital Underwater Photographer

 Drift Diver

 Dry Suit Diver

 Multilevel Diver



Night Diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Project AWARE Specialist

Search and Recovery Diver

Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigator

Underwater Video grapher

*Please contact us for more information.

Go Pro Diver

The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you’ll fine-tune your dive skills, like perfecting the effortless hover, and refine your rescue skills so you anticipate and easily solve common problems. You’ll gain dive knowledge, management and supervision abilities so you become a role model to divers everywhere. 

The Instructor Development Course (IDC) is made up of two parts – the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program. Most dive professionals complete the entire IDC and go on to attend an Instructor Examination (IE), which is the final step to earn a PADI Instructor certification.


Successfully completing just the AI course results in a PADI Assistant Instructor qualification. When an AI is ready to progress, attending an OWSI program allows entry into an IE to earn a full PADI Instructor rating.

*Please contact us for more information.