Fun dive (Boat/Shore)

Okinawa is surrounded by beautiful blue sea that seems to stretch on endlessly. The ocean water is incredibly clear, and it is rich with all sorts of marine life. Come to Honu Honu Divers, and we will assure you that you'll have unforgettable memories of this dream island.

1-day boat tours to the Kerama National park area, middle of mainland area (Blue Cave, Manza), north area Motobu are available.


Kerama ,Cape MAEDA(Blue cave), Manza and Motobu area tours require at least 2 participants.

@All persons over the age of 50, Please read our book page first

COVID-19 infections and diving guidelines here.

Anyone with a positive test must see this page.


Boat FUN tour 2 dives Price
(including tax)
3 dives Price
(including tax)
Off the coast of Naha  22900 JPY  XXX
KERAMA N/P area (Tokashiki/ Zamami) XXX 30500 JPY
Chatan/Yomitan area 25000 JPY 31600 JPY
Cape MAEDA (Blue Cave) 25000 JPY 31600 JPY
Manza (central) 25000 JPY  31600 JPY
Motobu area (North) 28400 JPY 35000 JPY 
Kanucha area (North) 28400 JPY  35000 JPY
Itoman area(south) 28400 JPY 35000 JPY 

@All prices are per person.

@All dive packages include 10% tax, pick-up from Naha-City, full gear rental(5500 JPY), tanks and weights (no extra charge).

We can available NITROX tanks upon request. A reservation must be made in advance in order to use NITROX. Add charge 1000 JPY / tank 

@we can meet at the beach or the boat harbor If you are driving rent a car in Okinawa. 

@We require a minimum number of 2 of participants except for off the coast of Naha and 

an additional charge of 1500 JPY is added if you participate alone.

@Payment is Japanese cash YEN,Credit card (VISA, Master, AMEX) at that tour day.


@Dive time notice

Our dive time (bottom time) is max 40-45 minutes include safety stop per dive. Because all dive boats has time schedule and operation. it is Okinawa style. Then we will exit when it will reach the time even if you have air. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.


1: KERAMA N/P area
2: Off the coats of NAHA

3: Chatan area

4: Cape MAEDA (Blue Cave)
5: MANZA area

6: MOTOBU (North)

7: Ie island (North)

8: KANUCHA (North)

9: East coast area