Promotion of 2022

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通常価格29800円+ eラーニングUS$187(22440円) 器材備品レンタル4500円 +消費税=62400円。

割引後(50%オフ)14900円+ eラーニング 22440円+器材備品レンタル4500円+消費税=46000円。





Lunching Don't lose to COVID-19 our brave medical staff.

To intrepid medical staff, public health center staff, CDC, staff working globally to keep us safe, Honu Honu Divers sincerely appreciate. We believe we can overcome this crisis.

We have prepared a plan to refresh you in Okinawa, ocean and Honu Honu Divers when this Corona virus is over.

@ 50% off All dive tour fees, PADI course fees.(without snorkel tour)


Valid until 31st DEC 2022 dive. 

 Of course, make your trip plan to Okinawa after the corona virus situation gets resolved and Relax.

Sample promotion

@FUN dive tour in KERAMA, 3 dives with full rental gears case.

Regular price 20800JPY+Gear rental 5000JPY+tax=28400JPY。

Discount price(50%off) 10400JPY+Gear rental 5000JPY+tax=17000JPY。


@PADI Open Water Diver course (3 days, 4 beach dive) case

Regular price 42800JPY+Material and Gear rental 4500JPY+ e-Learning US$202(24240JPY)+tax=78700JPY。

Discount price(50%off) 21400JPY+Material and Gear rental 4500JPY+  e-Learning 24240JPY+ tax=55150



@PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course (2 days, 5 beach dive) case

Regular price 29800JPY+ e-Learning US$187(22440JPY) Gear rental 4500JPY +tax=62400JPY。

Discount price(50%off) 14900JPY+Material and Gear rental 4500JPY+  e-Learning 22440JPY+ tax=46000JPY。

(Add charge when use boat)


Please let us know when you have any questions, other course and promotion.

The Japanese version of the teaching material is different. Prices may change slightly.